When your first photo can’t wait

Getting ready

  1. Insert the battery and memory card (Inserting the battery and a memory card).

    For information on charging the battery, see “Charging the battery” (Charging the battery).
  2. Attach a lens (Attaching a lens).
    • Align the indicator on the camera body with the indicator on the lens (q) and rotate the lens in the direction shown (w).
    • A strap can be attached to the camera. For more information, see “Attaching the strap” (Attaching the strap).
  3. Turn the camera on and then choose a language and set the clock (Turning on the camera).

Take (Taking photographs (b auto)) and view (Viewing photos) pictures

  1. Rotate the mode selector to AUTO (b).
  2. To focus, press the shutter-release button halfway (i.e, lightly press the shutter-release button, stopping when it is pressed halfway).
  3. Without lifting your finger from the shutter-release button, press the button the rest of the way down to take the picture.
  4. View the picture.

Useful Nikon apps for smart devices


SnapBridge wirelessly connects your smart device (smartphone or tablet) to your camera so that you can download pictures or control the camera remotely.

  • The SnapBridge app is available from the Apple App Store® and on Google Play.
  • Visit our website for the latest information on the SnapBridge app.