N The retouch menu: Creating retouched copies

To view the retouch menu, select the N tab in the camera menus.

The items in the retouch menu are used to trim or retouch existing pictures.

  • The retouch menu is grayed out if a memory card is not inserted in the camera or if a memory card does not contain pictures.
  • Retouched copies are saved to new files, separate from the original pictures.
  • The retouch menu contains the following items:
  1. Not displayed when [Retouch] is selected in the playback i menu.

Creating retouched copies

  1. Select an item in the retouch menu.

    Press 1 or 3 to highlight an item, 2 to select.
  2. Select a picture.
    • Highlight a picture using the multi selector.
    • To view the highlighted picture zoomed in, press and hold the X button.
    • Press J to select the highlighted picture.
  3. Select retouch options.
    • For more information, see the section for the selected item.
    • To exit without creating a retouched copy, press G. The retouch menu will be displayed.
  4. Create a retouched copy.
    • Press J to create a retouched copy.
    • Retouched copies are indicated by a p icon.

Retouching the current picture

To create a retouched copy of the current image, press i and select [Retouch].


  • The camera may not be able to display or retouch images that were taken or retouched using other cameras or that have been retouched on a computer.
  • If no actions are performed for a brief period, the display will turn off and any unsaved changes will be lost. To increase the time the display remains on, choose a longer menu display time using Custom Setting c3 [Power off delay] > [Menus].

Retouching copies

  • Most items can be applied to copies created using other retouch options, although multiple edits may result in reduced image quality or faded colors.
  • With the exception of [Trim video], each item can be applied only once.
  • Some items may be unavailable depending on the items used to create the copy.
  • Items that cannot be applied to the current image are grayed out and unavailable.

Image quality

  • Copies created from RAW pictures are saved at an [Image quality] of [JPEG fine].
  • Copies created from JPEG pictures are the same quality as the original.
  • In the case of dual-format pictures recorded in image-quality settings of RAW + JPEG at the same time, only the RAW copy will be retouched.

Image size

Except in the case of copies created with [RAW processing], [Trim], and [Resize], copies are the same size as the original.