Memory card capacity

The following table shows buffer capacity and the approximate number of pictures that can be stored on a 32 GB1 card at different image qualities and sizes when [DX (24×16)] is selected for [Choose image area]. Actual capacity varies with shooting conditions and the type of card.

Image qualityImage sizeFile sizeNumber of exposures remaining2Buffer capacity2, 3
RAW (12-bit)LargeApprox. 19.4 MB873 frames44 frames
RAW (14-bit)LargeApprox. 24.4 MB764 frames36 frames
JPEG fineLargeApprox. 9.5 MB2100 frames83 frames
MediumApprox. 6.6 MB3400 frames100 frames
SmallApprox. 3.7 MB6400 frames100 frames
JPEG normalLargeApprox. 5.7 MB4100 frames100 frames
MediumApprox. 3.5 MB6800 frames100 frames
SmallApprox. 2.0 MB12300 frames100 frames
JPEG basicLargeApprox. 2.4 MB8000 frames100 frames
MediumApprox. 1.7 MB12800 frames100 frames
SmallApprox. 1.1 MB22100 frames100 frames
  1. Figures are for a SanDisk SD memory card (SDSDXVE-032G-JNJIP, measured in April 2021).
  2. Number of pictures that can be saved to memory card or stored in memory buffer varies with scene recorded.
  3. Maximum number of exposures that can be stored in memory buffer at ISO 100. If [Auto distortion control] is set to [On], the number of exposures may drop.