Wireless remote (ML-L7) options

  1. G button
  2. B setup menu

Connect an optional ML-L7 Remote Control through Bluetooth. You can also assign roles to the Fn1/Fn2 buttons on the ML-L7.

  • For the functions that can be used with the remote control and connecting this camera and the remote control, see “ML-L7 Remote Control” in “Other compatible accessories” (ML-L7 Remote Control).

Wireless remote connection

[Enable]Start connecting a paired ML-L7. If the camera is connected to a smartphone or computer, connection to those devices will be terminated.
[Disable]Disconnect the ML-L7.

Save wireless remote controller

Pair the camera with an ML-L7. When the camera is in pairing standby, press and hold the power button on the remote control for about 3 seconds or longer. When pairing is complete, the remote control status lamp flashes green at about 3 second intervals.
Only one remote control can be paired per camera. Only the last paired remote control is enabled.

Delete wireless remote controller

Delete a paired ML-L7.

Assign Fn1 button/Assign Fn2 button

Choose the role assigned to the Fn1 or Fn2 button on the ML-L7.

[Same as camera K button]Set the same role as the camera’s K button.
[Same as camera G button]Set the same role as the camera’s G button.
[Same as camera i button]Set the same role as the camera’s i button.
[None]Pressing the button has no effect.