Connect to computer

  1. G button
  2. B setup menu

Connect to computers via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connection

Select [Enable] to connect using the settings currently selected for [Network settings].

Network settings

Select [Create profile] to create a new network profile (Connecting in access-point mode, Connecting in infrastructure mode).

  • If more than one profile already exists, you can press J to select a profile from a list.
  • To edit an existing profile, highlight it and press 2.
  • [Profile name]: Rename the profile. The default profile name is the same as the network SSID.
  • [Password protection]: Select [On] to require that a password be entered before the profile can be changed. To change the password, highlight [On] and press 2.
  • Infrastructure mode: Adjust settings for connection to a network via a router.
    • [SSID]: Enter the network SSID.
    • [Channel]: Selected automatically.
    • [Authentication/encryption]: Choose [OPEN] or [WPA2-PSK-AES].
    • [Password]: Enter the network password.
  • Access-point mode: Adjust settings for direct wireless connection to the camera.
    • [SSID]: Choose the camera SSID.
    • [Channel]: Choose [Auto] or [Manual].
    • [Authentication/encryption]: Choose [OPEN] or [WPA2-PSK-AES].
    • [Password]: If [WPA2-PSK-AES] is selected for [Authentication/encryption], you can choose the camera password.
[TCP/IP]Adjust TCP/IP settings for infrastructure connections. An IP address is required.
  • If [Enable] is selected for [Obtain automatically], the IP address and sub-net mask for infrastructure mode connections will be acquired via a DHCP server or automatic IP addressing.
  • Select [Disable] to enter the IP address ([Address]) and sub-net mask ([Mask]) manually.


Adjust upload settings.

Auto upload

Select [On] to upload new photos as they are taken.

  • Upload begins only after the photo has been recorded to the memory card. Be sure a memory card is inserted in the camera.
  • Videos and photos taken during video mode are not uploaded automatically when recording is complete. They must instead be uploaded from the playback display (Uploading pictures).

Delete after upload

Select [Yes] to delete photographs from the camera memory card automatically once upload is complete.

  • Files marked for transfer before you selected [Yes] are not deleted.
  • Deletion may be suspended during some camera operations.

Upload file as

When uploading RAW + JPEG images, choose whether to upload both the RAW and JPEG files or only the JPEG copy.

  • The option chosen for [Upload file as] takes effect when [On] is selected for [Auto upload].

Deselect all?

Select [Yes] to remove transfer marking from all images. Upload of images with an “uploading” icon will immediately be terminated.

MAC address

View the MAC address.