1Set Picture Control (Set Picture Control)
2White balance (White balance)
3Frame size and rate/Video quality (Frame size and rate/Video quality)
4Microphone sensitivity (Microphone sensitivity)
5Wind noise reduction (Wind noise reduction)
6Metering (Metering)
7Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi connection)
8Active D-Lighting (Active D-Lighting)
9Electronic VR (Electronic VR)
10Vibration reduction (Vibration reduction)
11AF-area mode (AF-area mode)
12Focus mode (Focus mode)

[Same as photo settings]

If [Same as photo settings] is selected for [Set Picture Control], [White balance], [Active D-Lighting], or [Vibration reduction] in the video recording menu, a h icon will appear at the top left corner of the i menu. Changes made to the setting from the i menu in photo mode will also apply in video mode and vice-versa.

Set Picture Control

Choose a Picture Control for video recording. For more information, see “Still images” (Set Picture Control).

White balance

Adjust white balance for video recording. For more information, see “Still images” (White balance).

Frame size and rate/Video quality

Select the video frame size (in pixels), frame rate, and video quality.

Video quality

Choose from [High quality] and [Normal]. A star (“m”) appears in the icon for [Frame size/frame rate] when [High quality] is selected. Some frame size/rate options only support [High quality].

Frame size/frame rate

The maximum bit rate and recording time for each [Frame size/frame rate] option are shown below. The bit rate varies with the option selected for video quality.

Option1Max. bit rateMax. recording time
High qualityNormal
r[3840×2160; 30p]2144 Mbps329 min. 59 s5
s[3840×2160; 25p]2
t[3840×2160; 24p]2
w[1920×1080; 120p]4
x[1920×1080; 100p]4
y/y[1920×1080; 60p]56 Mbps28 Mbps
z/z[1920×1080; 50p]
1/1[1920×1080; 30p]28 Mbps14 Mbps
2/2[1920×1080; 25p]
3/3[1920×1080; 24p]
A[1920×1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)]436 Mbps33 min.
B[1920×1080; 25p ×4 (slow-motion)]4
C[1920×1080; 24p ×5 (slow-motion)]429 Mbps
  1. The frame rates for 120p, 100p, 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p are respectively 119.88 fps, 100 fps, 59.94 fps, 50 fps, 29.97 fps, 25 fps, and 23.976 fps.
  2. Videos are recorded in 4K UHD.
  3. Video quality fixed at [High quality].
  4. The following features cannot be used.
    • Detection of human, dog, or cat faces or eyes when [Wide-area AF (L-people)], [Wide-area AF (L-animals)], [Auto-area AF (people)], or [Auto-area AF (animals)] is selected for [AF-area mode].
    • Flicker reduction
    • Electronic VR
    • HDMI output while recording videos
  5. If you use a memory card that has a capacity over 32 GB, you can record up to the maximum length with one video recording. For memory cards 32 GB or less, you can record up to the maximum length, but the video may be divided between up to 8 files. Each divided file may be up to 4 GB in size. The number of files and the length of each file vary with the options selected for [Frame size/frame rate] and [Video quality].

The option currently selected for [Frame size and rate/Video quality] is shown in the display during shooting.

Slow motion videos

You can record slow motion videos by selecting [1920×1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)], [1920×1080; 25p ×4 (slow-motion)], or [1920×1080; 24p ×5 (slow-motion)] for [Frame size/frame rate]. Sound is not recorded.

  • In [1920×1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)] for example, images read at a frame rate of 120p are recorded as a video in 30p. A video recorded for about 10 seconds will be played back for about 40 seconds. You can see momentary actions in slow motion, such as the impact of a ball in sports.
  • The frame rates when reading images and when recording and playing back videos are as follows.
    Frame size/frame rateFrame rate when reading images*Frame rate when recording and playing back videos*
    1920×1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)120p30p
    1920×1080; 25p ×4 (slow-motion)100p25p
    1920×1080; 24p ×5 (slow-motion)120p24p
    1. 120p: 119.88 fps, 100p: 100 fps, 30p: 29.97 fps, 25p: 25 fps, 24p: 23.976 fps

When recording slow motion videos

The following features cannot be used when recording slow motion videos.

  • Flicker reduction
  • Electronic VR
  • Recording timecodes
  • HDMI output while recording videos

Microphone sensitivity

Turn built-in or external microphones on or off or adjust microphone sensitivity.

bAAdjust microphone sensitivity automatically.
[Microphone off]Turn sound recording off.
b1b20Adjust microphone sensitivity manually. Choose from values of from [1] to [20]. The higher the value, the higher the sensitivity; the lower the value, the lower the sensitivity.
  • At settings other than bA, the option currently selected is shown in the display.
  • If the sound level is displayed in red, the volume is too high. Reduce microphone sensitivity.

Videos without sound

Videos recorded with [Microphone off] selected for microphone sensitivity are indicated by a 2 icon.

Wind noise reduction

Choose whether to use wind noise reduction when recording videos.

[On]Enables the low-cut filter, reducing noise produced by wind blowing over the built-in microphone. Note that other sounds may also be affected.
[Off]Disables wind noise reduction.

An icon appears in the display when [On] is selected.

Selecting [On] for [Wind noise reduction] has no effect on optional stereo microphones. Wind-noise reduction for optional stereo microphones that support this feature can be enabled or disabled using microphone controls.


Choose how the camera sets exposure during video recording. For more information, see “Still images” (Metering).


[Spot metering] is not available in video mode.

Wi-Fi connection

Enable or disable Wi-Fi. For more information, see “Still images” (Wi-Fi connection) or see “Wi-Fi connection” in the “Connect to smart device” section of the “Menu guide” (Wi-Fi connection).

Active D-Lighting

Preserve details in highlights and shadows, creating videos with natural contrast. Select [Same as photo settings] to use the option currently selected for photos. For more information about Active D-Lighting, see “Still images” (Active D-Lighting).

[Same as photo settings]

Note that if [Same as photo settings] is selected for Active D-Lighting in the video recording menu and [Auto] is selected in the photo shooting menu, videos will be shot at a setting equivalent to [Normal].

Electronic VR

Choose whether to enable electronic vibration reduction in video mode.

  • Enable electronic vibration reduction during video recording.
  • If the video frame size and rate is set to 1920×1080 120p, 1920×1080 100p, or 1920×1080 slow-motion, electronic vibration reduction is disabled.
  • Note that when [On] is selected, the angle of view will be reduced, slightly increasing the apparent focal length.
[Off]Electronic vibration reduction is disabled.

An icon appears in the display when [On] is selected.

Vibration reduction

Choose whether to enable vibration reduction in video mode. For more information, see “Still images” (Vibration reduction).

AF-area mode

AF-area mode controls how the camera selects the focus-point for autofocus. For more information, see “AF-area mode” in the “Focus” section of “Basic settings” (AF-area mode).

d[Single-point AF]
f[Wide-area AF (S)]
g[Wide-area AF (L)]
1[Wide-area AF (L-people)]
2[Wide-area AF (L-animals)]
h[Auto-area AF]
5[Auto-area AF (people)]
6[Auto-area AF (animals)]

Focus mode

Focus mode controls how the camera focuses. For more information, see “Focus mode” in the “Focus” section of “Basic settings” (Focus mode).

AF-S[Single AF]
AF-C[Continuous AF]
AF-F[Full-time AF]
MF[Manual focus]