ISO sensitivity settings

  1. G button
  2. 1 video recording menu

Adjust the ISO sensitivity settings for video mode.

[Maximum sensitivity]

Choose the upper limit for auto ISO sensitivity control to prevent it being raised too high.

  • The selected value serves as the upper limit for ISO sensitivity in modes P, S, and A and when [On] is selected for [Auto ISO control (mode M)] in mode M.
[Auto ISO control (mode M)]If you select [On] and press the J button, the camera will automatically adjust the ISO sensitivity for video mode in mode M. If [Off] is selected, the ISO sensitivity will remain fixed at the value selected with the ISO sensitivity dial.
  • Regardless of the option selected, auto ISO sensitivity control is used in modes other than M.
[ISO sensitivity (mode M)]The ISO sensitivity selected with the ISO sensitivity dial is displayed.
  • When auto ISO sensitivity control is enabled, the shooting display will show ISO AUTO. When sensitivity is altered from the value selected by the user, the ISO sensitivity will be shown in the displays.

Auto ISO sensitivity control

  • At high ISO sensitivities, “noise” (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines) may increase.
  • At high ISO sensitivities, the camera may have difficulty focusing.
  • The foregoing can be prevented by choosing a lower value for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Maximum sensitivity].