Approved memory cards

  • The camera can be used with SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards.
  • UHS-I is supported.
  • Cards rated UHS Speed Class 3 or better are recommended for video recording and playback. Slower speeds may result in recording or playback being interrupted.
  • When choosing cards for use in card readers, be sure they are compatible with the device.
  • Contact the manufacturer for information on features, operation, and limitations on use.

The write protect switch

  • SD memory cards are equipped with a write-protect switch. Sliding the switch to the “lock” position write-protects the card, protecting the data it contains.
  • A “–––” indicator and a [Card] warning appear in the shooting display when a write-protected card is inserted.
  • If you attempt to release the shutter while a write-protected card is inserted, a warning will be displayed and no picture will be recorded. Unlock the memory card before attempting to take or delete pictures.