g2: Custom controls

  1. G button
  2. A Custom Settings menu

Choose the operations performed in video mode using the camera controls or lens control ring.

  • Choose the roles played by the controls below. Highlight the desired control and press J.
    2[Fn button]
    j[AE-L/AF-L button]
    k[OK button]
    G[Shutter-release button]
    S[Lens Fn button]
    3[Lens Fn2 button]
    l[Lens control ring]
  • The roles that can be assigned to these controls are as follows:
    K[Select center focus point]44
    F[AF lock only]444
    E[AE lock (Hold)]444
    C[AE lock only]444
    B[AE/AF lock]444
    n[Subject tracking]444
    b[Live view info display off]4444
    b[Framing grid display]444
    p[Zoom on/off]44444
    O[MY MENU]444
    3[Access top item in MY MENU]444
    C[Take photos]4
    1[Record videos]444
    m[White balance]4
    h[Set Picture Control]4
    y[Active D-Lighting]4
    c[Release mode (save frame)]4
    z[Focus mode/AF-area mode]4
    H[Microphone sensitivity]4
    W[Focus peaking]4
    X[Focus (M/A)]42, 3
    q[Power aperture]43
    E[Exposure compensation]43
    1. Regardless of the option selected, when [Auto-area AF], [Auto-area AF (people)], or [Auto-area AF (animals)] is chosen for AF-area mode, the button functions only to initiate subject-tracking AF (Subject-tracking AF).
    2. Available with compatible lenses only.
    3. Regardless of the option selected, in manual focus mode the control ring can only be used to adjust focus.
  • The following options are available:
    K[Select center focus point]Pressing the control selects the center focus point.
    A[AF-ON]Pressing the control initiates autofocus.
    F[AF lock only]Focus locks while the control is pressed.
    E[AE lock (Hold)]Exposure locks when the control is pressed. Exposure lock does not end when the shutter is released. Exposure remains locked until the control is pressed a second time or the standby timer expires.
    C[AE lock only]Exposure locks while the control is pressed.
    B[AE/AF lock]Focus and exposure lock while the control is pressed.
    n[Subject tracking]Pressing the control when [Auto-area AF], [Auto-area AF (people)], or [Auto-area AF (animals)] is selected for AF-area mode enables subject tracking; the focus point will change to a targeting reticle and the monitor and viewfinder to subject-tracking displays.
    • To end subject-tracking AF, press the control again or press the W (Q) button.
    b[Live view info display off]Press the control to hide the icons and shooting information on the display. Icons and shooting information can be displayed by pressing the button again.
    b[Framing grid display]Each time you press the button, the composition framing grid on the display changes between [Off], [On (3×3)], and [On (4×4)].
    p[Zoom on/off]Press the control to zoom the display in on the area around the current focus point (the zoom ratio is selected in advance). Press again to cancel zoom.
    O[MY MENU]Press the control to display “MY MENU”.
    3[Access top item in MY MENU]Press the control to jump to the top item in “MY MENU”. Select this option for quick access to a frequently-used menu item.
    K[Playback]Press the control to start playback.
    C[Take photos]Press the shutter-release button all the way down to take a photograph with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
    1[Record videos]Press the control to start recording. Press again to end recording.
    m[White balance]Hold the control and rotate the main command dial to adjust white balance for videos. Some options offer sub-options that can be selected by rotating the sub-command dial.
    h[Set Picture Control]Press the control and rotate a command dial to choose a Picture Control.
    y[Active D-Lighting]Press the control and rotate a command dial to adjust Active D-Lighting for videos.
    w[Metering]Press the control and rotate a command dial to choose a video metering option.
    c[Release mode (save frame)]Press the control and rotate a command dial to choose the release mode for photographs taken in video mode.
    z[Focus mode/AF-area mode]Hold the control and rotate the main command dial to choose the focus mode, the sub-command dial to choose the AF-area mode.
    H[Microphone sensitivity]Press the control and rotate a command dial to adjust microphone sensitivity.
    W[Focus peaking]Press the control and rotate the main command dial to choose a peaking level and the sub-command dial to select the peaking color.
    X[Focus (M/A)]The lens control ring can be used for manual focus regardless of the option selected for focus mode. To refocus using autofocus, press the shutter-release button halfway or press a control to which AF-ON has been assigned.
    q[Power aperture]Rotate the lens control ring to adjust aperture.
    E[Exposure compensation]Rotate the lens control ring when the exposure compensation dial is set to [C] to adjust exposure compensation.
    [None]The control has no effect.

Power aperture

  • Power aperture is available only in modes A and M.
  • A 6 icon in the shooting display indicates that power aperture cannot be used.
  • The display may flicker while aperture is adjusted.