Set Picture Control

  1. G button
  2. C photo shooting menu

Choose image processing (“Picture Control”) options for new photos according to the scene or your creative intent. For more information, see “Set Picture Control” in “The i menu” (Set Picture Control).

Modifying Picture Controls from the menus

Existing preset or custom Picture Controls can be modified to suit the scene or the user’s creative intent.

  1. Select a Picture Control.

    Highlight the desired Picture Control in the Picture Control list and press 2.
  2. Edit the selected Picture Control.
    • Press 1 or 3 to highlight settings (Picture Control settings). Press 4 or 2 to choose a value in increments of 1, or rotate the sub-command dial to choose a value in increments of 0.25.
    • The options available vary with the Picture Control selected.
    • To quickly adjust levels for balanced [Sharpening], [Mid-range sharpening], and [Clarity], highlight [Quick sharp] and press 4 or 2.
    • To abandon any changes and start over from default settings, press the O button.
  3. Save changes and exit.
    Press J to save changes.

The i menu

  • To select Picture Controls in the i menu, highlight [Set Picture Control] and press J.
  • Press 4 and 2 to choose a Picture Control and press 3 to display Picture Control settings. The effect of any changes can be previewed in the display.

[Manage Picture Control]

Modifications to existing Picture Controls can be saved using the [Manage Picture Control] item in the photo shooting menu or video recording menu, creating custom Picture Controls that can then be copied to a memory card and used in compatible software or shared among cameras of the same model.