Silent photography

  1. G button
  2. C photo shooting menu

Eliminate shutter sounds during shooting (Silent photography).

[On]Eliminate vibrations produced by the shutter. Use for landscapes, still lifes, and other static subjects. Use of a tripod is recommended.
  • Selecting [On] for [Silent photography] does not completely silence the camera. Camera sounds may still be audible, for example during autofocus or aperture adjustment, in the latter case most noticeably at apertures smaller (i.e., at f-numbers higher) than f/5.6.
  • Flash photography is disabled.
  • Long-exposure noise reduction is disabled.
  • The electronic shutter is used, regardless of the option selected for Custom Setting d4 [Shutter type].
  • Regardless of the settings selected for [Beep options] in the setup menu, beeps will not sound when the camera focuses or while the self-timer is in operation.
  • Enabling silent photography changes the frame advance rates for continuous release modes (Frame advance rate).
[Off]Disable silent photography.