Parts of the camera

Camera body

1Eyelet for camera strap (Attaching the strap)
2ISO sensitivity dial (The ISO sensitivity dial, The ISO sensitivity dial)
3ISO sensitivity dial lock release (The ISO sensitivity dial, The ISO sensitivity dial)
4Stereo microphone (Recording videos (b auto))
5Shutter-speed dial (The shutter-speed dial, S (shutter-priority auto))
6Shutter-speed dial lock release (The shutter-speed dial, S (shutter-priority auto))
7Power switch (Turning on the camera)
8Shutter-release button (Taking photographs (b auto))
9Video-record button (Recording videos (b auto))
10E (focal plane mark; The focal plane mark and flange-back distance)
11Exposure compensation dial (The exposure compensation dial, The exposure compensation dial)
12Control panel (Control panel)
13Photo/video selector (Taking photographs (b auto), Recording videos (b auto))
14Accessory shoe (for optional flash unit; Using an on-camera flash, Compatible flash units)
15Mode selector (The mode selector, The mode selector)
16Speaker (Video playback operations)

1Sub-command dial (The command dials)
2Image sensor (Manual cleaning)
3CPU contacts
4Lens mounting mark (Attaching a lens)
5AF-assist illuminator (The AF-assist illuminator, a11: Built-in AF-assist illuminator)
Red-eye reduction lamp (Flash mode, Flash modes)
Self-timer lamp (The self-timer)
6Cover for HDMI, USB, and microphone connectors
7HDMI connector (Connecting to HDMI devices)
8Charge lamp (Charging the camera with the charging AC adapter)
9USB connector (USB power delivery, Connecting to computers via USB)
10Connector for external microphone (Microphones)
11Lens release button (Detaching lenses)
12Lens mount (Attaching a lens, The focal plane mark and flange-back distance)
13Fn button (The Fn button, White balance)
14Body cap (Attaching a lens)

Do not touch the image sensor

Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on the image sensor, poke it with cleaning tools, or subject it to powerful air currents from a blower. These actions could scratch or otherwise damage the sensor. For information on cleaning the image sensor, see “Manual cleaning” (Manual cleaning).

Product serial number

The serial number for this product can be found by opening the monitor.

Control panel

When the camera is turned on, the control panel turns on.

The aperture (A (aperture-priority auto), M (manual)) is displayed in the control panel.

  • If the aperture is set to F0.95, [.95] is displayed in the control panel.
  • If [Extended shutter speeds (M)] is set to [On], the display switches to indicate that the shutter is open when shooting starts with the shutter speed set to 60 seconds or longer.
  • Depending on how the lens is mounted, a warning [--] may be displayed (Alerts).
  • When connecting to a computer or smartphone, [PC] may be displayed to indicate that connection is in progress.

The monitor and viewfinder

Photo mode

At default settings, the following indicators appear in the monitor and viewfinder; for a full list of indicators, see “Camera displays” (Camera displays) in “Technical notes”.

1Shooting mode (The mode selector)
2Focus point (AF-area mode)
3Release mode (Release mode)
4Focus mode (Focus mode)
5AF-area mode (AF-area mode)
6Active D-Lighting (Active D-Lighting)
7Picture Control (Set Picture Control, Set Picture Control)
8White balance (White balance, White balance, White balance)

9Image area (Choose image area)
10Image size (Image size)
11Image quality (Image quality)
12i icon (The i menu)
13Exposure indicator Exposure (Exposure indicators)
Exposure compensation (The exposure compensation dial)
14“k” (appears when memory remains for over 1000 exposures; Number of exposures remaining)
15Number of exposures remaining (Number of exposures remaining, Memory card capacity)
16ISO sensitivity (The ISO sensitivity dial)
17ISO sensitivity indicator (The ISO sensitivity dial)
Auto ISO sensitivity indicator (ISO sensitivity settings)
18Aperture (A (aperture-priority auto), M (manual))
19Shutter speed (S (shutter-priority auto), M (manual))
20Subject-tracking AF (Subject-tracking AF)
21Metering (Metering)
22Battery indicator (Battery level)
23Shutter type (d4: Shutter type)
24“Clock not set” indicator (The 1 icon)
25Vibration reduction indicator (Vibration reduction)
26Touch shooting (The touch shutter)
27AF-area brackets (Choosing an AF-area mode)

Video mode

1Recording indicator (Recording videos (b auto))
“No video” indicator (The 0 icon)
2Frame size and rate/Video quality (Frame size and rate/Video quality)
3Time remaining (Recording videos (b auto))
4Release mode (still photography; Release mode (save frame))
5Sound level (Microphone sensitivity)
6Microphone sensitivity (Microphone sensitivity)
7Frequency response (Frequency response)