Playback zoom

Press X or J to zoom in on photos displayed in full-frame playback. [DX (24×16)]-format images can be zoomed in to a maximum of approximately 21× for Large, 16× for Medium, or 10× for Small.

Using playback zoom

Zoom in/zoom out
  • Press the X button or use stretch gestures to zoom in.
  • To zoom out, press W (Q) or use pinch gestures.

A navigation window is displayed during the zoom ratio is altered, with the area currently visible indicated by a yellow border. A bar below the navigation window shows the zoom ratio, turning green at 1:1. The navigation window clears from the display after a few seconds.
View other areas of imageUse the multi selector or glide gestures to view areas of image not visible in the monitor. Keep the multi selector pressed to scroll rapidly to other areas of frame.
Select facesFaces detected during zoom are indicated by white borders in the navigation window. Rotate the sub-command dial or tap the on-screen guide to view other faces.
View other picturesRotate the main command dial to view the same location in other photos without changing the zoom ratio (selecting a video cancels zoom). You can also view other photos by tapping the e or f icon at the bottom of the display.
Exit to shooting modePress the shutter-release button halfway or press the K button to exit.
View menusPress the G button to view the menus.