The exposure compensation dial

Use this button to alter exposure from the value suggested by the camera. Exposure compensation can be used to make pictures brighter or darker.

−1 EV
No exposure compensation
+1 EV

Adjusting exposure compensation

  • Rotate the exposure compensation dial.
  • Exposure compensation can be adjusted in the range −3 to +3 EV in steps of 1/3 EV.
  • Higher values make the subject brighter, lower values darker.
  • To cancel exposure compensation, set the exposure compensation dial to [0].
  • At values other than ±0.0, the camera displays a E icon and the exposure indicator (Exposure indicators) in photo mode or a E icon in video mode. You can check the compensation value on the information display (The DISP button) or i menu when taking photos, and on the i menu when recording videos. To check the compensation value in the i menu, select Custom Setting f1 or g1 [Customize i menu] and assign [Exposure compensation] to the i menu (Customizing the i menu).

Setting through means other than the exposure compensation dial

If you set the exposure compensation dial to [C], you can adjust the exposure compensation through other means as follows.
Values between –5 EV and +5 EV are available for photos, and between –3 EV and +3 EV for videos.

Mode M

  • In mode M, exposure compensation affects only the exposure indicator; shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity do not change. The overall brightness of the image also does not change.
  • When auto ISO sensitivity control (ISO sensitivity settings, ISO sensitivity settings) is in effect, ISO sensitivity is automatically adjusted according to the value selected for exposure compensation, and the overall brightness of the image changes.

Using a flash

When an optional flash unit is used, exposure compensation affects both flash level and exposure, altering the brightness of both the main subject and the background. Custom Setting e3 [Exposure comp. for flash] can be used to restrict the effects of exposure compensation to the background only.