Inserting the battery and a memory card

  • Turn the camera off before inserting or removing the battery and memory card.
  • Using the battery to keep the orange battery latch pressed to one side, slide the battery into the battery chamber until the latch locks it in place.
  • Holding the memory card in the orientation shown, slide it straight into the slot until it clicks into place.

Removing the battery

To remove the battery, turn the camera off and open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover. Press the battery latch in the direction shown by the arrow to release the battery and then remove the battery by hand.

Removing the memory card

After confirming that the memory card access lamp is off, turn the camera off and open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover. Press the memory card in to eject it (q), and pull it out to remove it (w).

Battery level

  • The battery level is shown in the shooting display while the camera is on.
  • The battery level display changes as the battery level diminishes, from L through K, and H. When the battery level falls to H, suspend shooting and charge the battery or ready a spare battery.
  • If the message [Shutter release disabled. Recharge battery.] is displayed, charge or exchange the battery.

The standby timer

The camera uses a standby timer to help reduce the drain on the battery. If no operations are performed for about 30 seconds, the standby timer will expire and the monitor, viewfinder, and control panel will turn off. A few seconds prior to turning off, the displays will dim. They can be reactivated by pressing the shutter-release button halfway. The length of time before the standby timer expires automatically can be selected using Custom Setting c3 [Power off delay] > [Standby timer].

Number of exposures remaining

  • When the camera is on, the shooting display shows the number of photographs that can be taken at current settings.
  • Values over 1000 are rounded down to the nearest hundred. For example, values between 1500 and 1599 are shown as 1.5 k.