File naming

  1. G button
  2. C photo shooting menu

Pictures are saved using file names consisting of “DSC_” followed by a four-digit number and a three-letter extension. [File naming] is used to select three letters to replace the “DSC” portion of the file name. For information on text entry, see “Text entry” (Text entry).

File names

  • File names take the form “”. nnnn is a number from 0001 to 9999. xxx is one of the following extensions, assigned according to the options selected for image quality and file type:
    • NEF: RAW photos
    • JPG: JPEG (fine, normal, or basic) photos
    • MOV: MOV videos
    • MP4: MP4 videos
    • NDF: Dust off reference data
  • Images created with [Adobe RGB] selected for [Color space] have file names of the form “”.
  • In each pair of photographs recorded at image-quality settings of RAW+JPEG, the RAW and JPEG images have the same file names but different extensions.