Beep options

  1. G button
  2. B setup menu

Beep on/off

Turn the beep speaker on or off.

  • If [On] is selected for [Beep on/off], beeps sound when:
    • the self-timer counts down,
    • interval-timer photography, time-lapse video recording, or focus shift ends,
    • the camera focuses in photo mode (note that this does not apply if AF-C is selected for focus mode or when AF-A is selected and you are shooting in AF-C, and [Release] is selected for Custom Setting a2 [AF-S priority selection]),
    • touch controls are used, or
    • the shutter-release button is pressed with a write-protected memory card inserted in the camera.
  • Select [Off (touch controls only)] to disable the beep for touch controls while enabling it for other purposes.
  • When [On] is selected for [Silent photography] in the photo shooting menu, a beep will not sound when the camera focuses or while the self-timer is in operation, regardless of the settings selected for [Beep options].


Adjust beep volume.


Choose the pitch of the beep from [High] and [Low].