The A (g) button

Locks focus and exposure at the same time.

Exposure lock

  • Exposure lock can be used to recompose shots after metering a subject that will not be in the selected focus area in the final composition.
  • Exposure lock is particularly effective with spot and center-weighted metering.

Focus lock

  • Use focus lock to lock focus on the current subject when AF-C is selected for focus mode.
  • When using focus lock, choose an AF-area mode other than [Auto-area AF], [Auto-area AF (people)], or [Auto-area AF (animals)].

Locking focus and exposure

  1. Position the subject in the selected focus point and press the shutter-release button halfway to set focus and exposure.
  2. Press the A (g) button.
    • Focus and exposure will lock while pressing the A (g) button. Exposure will not change even when the composition is altered.
    • An AE-L icon will be displayed in the monitors.
  3. Keeping the A (g) button pressed, recompose the photograph and shoot.

    Do not change the distance between the camera and the subject. If the distance to the subject changes, release the lock and focus again at the new distance.

Locking focus when AF-S is selected for focus mode or when AF-A is selected and you are shooting in AF-S

Focus locks while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway. You can also lock focus by pressing the A (g) button.

Locking exposure with the shutter-release button

If [On (half press)] is selected for Custom Setting c1 [Shutter-release button AE-L], exposure will lock while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

Taking multiple shots at the same focus distance

  • If you locked focus by pressing the A (g) button, focus will remain locked between shots if you keep the A (g) button pressed.
  • Focus will also remain locked if you keep the shutter-release button pressed halfway between shots.