Connect to smart device

  1. G button
  2. B setup menu

Connect to smartphones or tablets (smart devices) via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Pairing (Bluetooth)

Pair with or connect to smart devices using Bluetooth.

[Start pairing]Pair the camera with a smart device (Connecting via Bluetooth (pairing)).
[Paired devices]List paired smart devices. To connect, select a device from the list.
[Bluetooth connection]Select [Enable] to enable Bluetooth.

Select for upload (Bluetooth)

Select pictures for upload to a smart device. You can also opt to upload pictures as they are taken.

[Auto select for upload]Select [On] to mark pictures for upload as they are taken. Photos are uploaded in JPEG format at a size of 2 megapixels, even if other upload size and format options are selected with the camera. Photos taken in video mode will not be uploaded. They must be uploaded manually.
[Manually select for upload]Upload selected pictures. Transfer marking appears on the selected pictures.
[Deselect all]Remove transfer marking from all pictures.

Wi-Fi connection

Connect to smart devices via Wi-Fi.

Establish Wi-Fi connection

Initiate a Wi-Fi connection to a smart device.

  • The camera SSID and password will be displayed. To connect, select the camera SSID on the smart device and enter the password (Connecting via Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi mode)).
  • Once a connection is established, this option will change to [Close Wi-Fi connection].
  • Use [Close Wi-Fi connection] to end the connection when desired.

Wi-Fi connection settings

Access the following Wi-Fi settings:

[SSID]Choose the camera SSID.
[Authentication/encryption]Choose [OPEN] or [WPA2-PSK-AES].
[Password]Choose the camera password.
[Channel]Choose a channel.
  • Select [Auto] to have the camera choose the channel automatically.
  • Select [Manual] to choose the channel manually.
[Current settings]View current Wi-Fi settings.
[Reset connection settings]Select [Yes] to reset Wi-Fi settings to default values.

Upload while off

If [On] is selected, upload of images to smart devices connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will continue even when the camera is off.

Location data (smart device)

Display latitude, longitude, altitude, and UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) data downloaded from a smart device.